Nova Scotia Gem & Mineral Show


For the first time in 3 years, I got my little behind to the NS Gem & Mineral Show. I went completely bonkers and oh boy am I glad I did! Check out the colour on that aquamarine! The deep blue apatite! the brilliant yellow citrine, the peridot… oh man I’m excited.

I have been planning my Focus series for like a billion years now, and now I have the full complement of what I need. Here are some closeups!


The most amazing blue AAA kyanite, citrine, and amethyst/citrine points.




Carnelian. Loving these facets.


Top row is some rainbow moonstone, nearly invisibly. The rectangles are the kyanite I had before – rough, inconsistent colour, full of matrix. The triple-a stuff is just so much better. The bottom three rows are iolite, iolite, and more kyanite.


One of the big regrets I had about the last show was not going back for more agate slices. This time, I bought nearly everything they had!


Including these brilliant tumbled fragments.


I am completely in love.

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