Colour. Change. Community.

About the Artist.

As a child, beachcombing with family in Cape Breton, I became captivated by the natural colours and shapes surrounding me. Making jewelry became a means to transform Eastern Canada’s brilliant scenery and calm, creative lifestyle into works of art. By capturing local colour with the sinuous curves of my native coastlines, I can tell stories from my home island through tiny, wearable canvases.

The only constant to my work, besides colour, is change. I thrive on new discoveries, so every new technique I try will merge and grow into the next, delivering surprise and joy as every piece takes shape. I delight in overcoming challenges and solving problems, for I know each piece I make is made richer by the journey it takes from raw materials to final shape.

Communities of artists, both local and global, inform my work and drive my innovative spirit. It’s self-evident that I should share my work with others; breaking down my process helps not only me, but also others who can build on my techniques, combining colour and shape in newer, richer ways to take the evolution of my work forever forward. Each piece of jewelry becomes a phrase in an unfolding conversation around the world.


Here on, I wish to share, teach, and discover new and innovative ways to make jewellery out of wire, metal, clay, rusty junk, and basically anything else I can get my hands on. You’ll find tutorials, both free and for purchase, explorations with no end, and most of all, you’ll find my rollercoaster of a ride as I try something new and it either works or fails, and how I move that into something new.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


  1. Katharine Avis Gallop

    My family is from Cape Breton! My mother was from Florence, my father from North Sydney. They retired to Baddeck after 30 years in Michigan. I have pounds of glass collected on the edges of Baddeck Bay! Where are you located? I’ll be “home” in October for Celtic Colours! My parents waited until they moved to the States before having me so I’m the American One!! Even born on the 4th of July!!! I hope to meet you in October!!!

  2. Lenore Bamberger


    One of your Youtube videos fell into my feed. I really like your style. I know you don’t know me at all and you probably don’t have time to respond to everyone who contacts you, but if you are so inclined, I’d like to email back and forth a little bit. As I am not a name in the art or jewelry world, I can understand if this is the extent of our contact.

    At the very least, I wanted to let you know that I think you are quite talented.

    I am happy for your part time position and your fantastic news of branching out to mass retail.

    The world is a better place with you in it and expressing yourself.

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