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Gayle Bird Designs

Copper Daggers & Gems


Quick look at my newest design, consistent of hand-forged copper dagger shapes, some fire-balled copper ends, various gemstones (labradorite, Russian chaorite, fossilized coral, malachite, and what I think is lapis lazuli) and lots and lots of finicky fiddling. No pre-conceived wire weaving here – it’s all freeform wire art. My favourite part is the way…


Gemstone Focus Pendants


I’m really going to miss Little Mysteries in Halifax. They were one of my favourite stores, and I was really lucky to have them place wholesale orders for my Focus pendants in the last couple of years. Here’s a flashback to the couple of orders: Two of my favourites from this batch:      


Using Silicone Mold Putty for Polymer Clay

2015-02-15 10.50.40

Earlier I showed you the beads I made from The Blue Bottle Tree’s tutorials (Rustic Beads and Organic Beads). Today I want to show you how these tutorials sparked me to go around putting purple goo all over my house! Again, I can’t show you the exact details from someone else’s tutorial, but making your own silicone molds…


Art Date!

Some of my zentangles - here's hoping I can figure out how to carve some of this!

I’m super excited to play with my friend Whitney tomorrow… as a visual/doodle artist, she’s just started with polymer clay by carving her own stamps. Meanwhile, I’d love to create my own stamps for my clay – I’m currently using another lady’s zentangle stamps, which I love but they’re not MINE, you know? – but…