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I periodically create wire-wrap tutorials for both and You can also find my work at,, and This page is the index, so to speak!

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tutoriallink-beachglassHow to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way
(Streaming Video) (PDF Download) (Blog Post) FREE!
tutoriallink-twistedearringsHow to Make Wire-Wrapped Dangle Earrings in 8 Minutes or Less
(Streaming Video) FREE!
tutoriallink-ornamentsWire Christmas Tree Ornament
(Streaming Video) FREE!
Wrap with a 4-Strand Braid
(PDF Download) Free!
Ring TutorialThe Million-Ring Design
(PDF Download) $5
Simple Steps of Light Pendant (PDF Download) $1.98
Ring TutorialSparkling Aluminum Earrings (PDF Download) $3.49
Handmade Pendant Bail (PDF Download) $3
World’s Easiest Earrings (PDF Download) $3
Mosaic Bead Pendant (PDF Download) $4.50
Simple Twisted Earrings (PDF Download) $1.98
Spoonful of Ocean (PDF Download) $6
Steampunk Owl (PDF Download) $2
Handwoven Neck Wire (PDF Download) $5

193 thoughts on “Tutorials”

  1. Thank you so much. This solved a major problem in making my driftwood and stone wall hangings

  2. This is so great! You’ve made every step clear. I’m going to make a rock rain chain with this technique. Thanks very much for your work in making this video.

  3. thank you so so much, now I know how to turn my stone into a beautiful necklace. But I wonder how much 20 or 22 ga is in mm?

  4. Wait… wtf I watched this 4 times I even tried follow along with it and I still don’t freaking get it! I’m done I quit.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I love you lesson on easy wrap pendant. Great work. Where in the world did u find such a big roll of 20g siver wrap?

  6. I normally hate how to vids where there is no commentating but this is just such a crystal clear video that it wasn’t needed thank you!

  7. Beautiful, intimidating and fun to watch! What Gage wire do you like to work with? I’m a novice

  8. Omg!years ago my daughter then aged 4 and upwards would collect beach glass on Bexhill beach! We had jars of the stuff, I wasn’t crafting then and we threw them away when we moved house! She is 35 now so will get my granddaughter to do it. Great idea????????????????

  9. Thanks a bunch you made that very simple. Now I know how to make the little curly cues! That was just Fabulous!

  10. Nice love to try it but Having a hard time finding affordable sea glass its so expensive and not easy to find

  11. very well shown , superb, congrats , Yes without any background noise , it is very easy to focus on what you are watching, at least for me.

  12. love Seaglass ..just getting interested.. Bought a few pieces at craft an artistic friend of mine …not interested in selling ..gave me a beautiful cobalt hart shaped piece and a set of earrings.!!! Now what I am looking for is a pendant piece of red… decent sized for her newly adopted dog Rosie!! can you help me with this?? I have spoken to a few very kind and helpful Crafters. In person and online ..Seems Red isn’t local. But I would be appreciative if you could help me. thank you in advance! Carol Chaney Erickson

  13. I’ve only found a handful of red pieces – and I’ve sold them all! Try Ebay – especially look for English sea glass, as there’s lots over there from old glass factories.

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