“In 2010 my husband and I travelled across Canada from Edmonton. We were awestruck travelling the Cabot Trail. While on this excursion I looked up a little artsy boutique that was inland and discovered your jewelry. I fell in love with the pieces, then and bought a few pieces for myself and my two daughters. Today I discovered your website and am still in awe of the beauty that you create. Your pieces, while the elements are simple, exude elaborate excellence. In Alberta I have never found anything like it. Thank you for even teaching your art to those who want to learn. I love that you take nature’s art to create masterpieces of your own. Never stop creating these gorgeous pieces. Your artwork will live on through the ages.”

“I love my little holly berry Christmas earrings – I wear them everyday! :)”
– Katherine MacDonald

“Just came across your wonderful video, Gayle. Finally, a method that doesn’t intimidate me to try a simple wire wrap. You’ve made it so straightforward and easy. Thank you for sharing this! ;-)”
Judith Farhat

“Your new Steampunk stuff is intensely brilliant.”
– Shauna O’Connor

“Hello From Nuclear Wynter Designs :) Your work is beautiful and inspirational. Make me want to keep practicing wrapping with wire!”
– Nuclear Wynter Designs

“Oh my gosh!!! This was so helpful :D Someone just yesterday asked me to wirewrap something and I said I’d have to find a good video for it, and what’s the first one I look at? The good one! Thank you a million for having this so clear and easy!!!”
Michelle Weir

“Your work is absolutely beautiful :-)”
– Wanda Amos

“I just wanted to say that your pieces are amazing! I’ve recently started started resting pieces of jewelry (both wire wrapped pieces and strung beads). I just wanted to tell you that I admire your art and craftsmanship. You make beautiful unique pieces! If you wanted to check out my work, I am Creations by Pam {pam reyno creations}… Would love to hear what you think!”
– Pam Reno

“Thank you! You showed me one trick that made my day. So good of you to share your skills and experience. :)”
– wanketta

“Hi there, I just found you while casually trying to look up some interesting parts for jewellery making and came across your site. The things you make a beautiful! Do you sell them at all? I feel very inspired by your work, absolutely gorgeous ^_^”
– Daisy Jansen

– Audra Williams

“Was just at Little Mysteries and purchased the Strength and Protection pendant from your Focus line. such beautiful things! wearing it right now. when my friends see this, I’m thinking the store will need to replenish its stock.”
– Deborah MacInnis

“AWESOME WORK, i love them all, even the red ones. lol and i dont care for the color red. Good for you to have such a great eye for all that you have made. Wow, i wish i had your imagination. Keep up the great work, please add prices to your pictures so I can dream Thanks :)”
– Nora Veinot

“I have to say, I’ve never liked wire wrapped anything, even professionally done it often looks like a 4th grade art project;but I like yours! It looks finished and put together without trying. This is really one of the best examples I’ve ever seen. Brava!! Great job, and to think it’s only a tutorial.
Change of tune…Tom Jones (no really)!!!
THANKS for converting me!!!”
– Thomas Jones

“Wow! You made this look so simple and quick. I have wasted so much wire trying to learn how to wrap. I love the beach glass. Thanks for the tutorial!”
Sandra Johnson

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