Making My Own Metal!

Metal clay is something I’ve been aching to put into production for years… And this past November, I did it! My gorgeous wee secondhand kiln was incredibly simple to use. Two half hour sessions at 1500 degrees and I’m well over the double rainbow with joy. This metal is solid, it rings true when you tap it against other metal, and it antiques into this gorgeous finish. I was even able to solder bails on. Three days of work to put out this handful of pendants, and worth every minute.

I’m in love with this process. Can’t wait to do more!!

I’m using the Prometheus brand of metal clay but the Bronzclay brand looks good as well.

My Paragon Quikfire 6 kiln. I bought mine second hand but it’s on Amazon here.

I bought my tools and supplies separately over the years; there are good kits out there though. This one looks pretty good, for instance!

Full Disclosure: some of these links are carrying my Amazon affiliates link. No need to use these links if you don’t want to – but you should know that if you do use them to order your supplies, a few pennies will be sent my way by Amazon. 


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