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Teaspoon Jewellery

Everyone knows what you do with old teaspoons if you are a jeweller: you turn them into rings or bracelets by wrapping them around mandrels.

Well. You know me. I can’t do anything the same as other people without developing an eye twitch. And I had this significantly-sized box of teaspoons asking me to experiment. Here’s how it went!


First, I bent the spoons to create pendant bails. I had done this one other time and just wired the top half of the spoon to the front of it, but this time I wanted it to be lighter, so I used my dremel and a cut-off wheel to remove the part of the spoon that had the weird plastic souvenir thingy attached.


Tightening up the remaining spoon handle created a pretty great bail.


OK. So now what? I need some colour in this project, obvs. First thing I tried was gluing some acrylic cabochons into the spoon bowls. Not bad… a little plain.


So – I dragged out my Pebeo paints and started using it to fill in the space between the cabochon and the edge of the spoon. I really liked these results!

spoon3b spoon4

When they dried, I used a few different kinds of sealant (matte vs gloss – gloss wins) to ensure everything stayed where it was supposed to be, and wired them up. Success!!

spoon5 spoon6


My eyes then fell on the ENDS of the teaspoons. The part with the gross plastic thing. What on earth could I do with them?!


And suddenly, I saw them upside down, and realized they were a perfect pendant shape; and also that the plastic crap was just glued on and could be popped right off – leaving a bezel-type shape that could ALSO be filled in with Pebeo paints.


I did a bit of filing and got to play with so much colour – love love love!


Oh man. So good.


A bit of wire to create a bail and some decoration and BAM.


Just goes to show that there’s always a way to use leftovers if you think hard enough :)

Wire Nail Polish Flowers & Pendants

Recently I picked the topic “wire nail polish flowers” for a blog post a Craftsy, essentially choosing it out of a hat. I was highly skeptical… but as it turns out, it’s a BEAUTIFUL, simple, and way fun method of adding colour to wire. Go read my experiments over there, then come back and see what I did next…(I’ll wait)


Create Beautiful Wire Nail Polish Flowers in 4 Simple Steps @ Craftsy »

After that shocking introduction to the world of Nitrocellulose and wire, I couldn’t WAIT to do something to put around my neck! OBVIOUSLY. Here’s what I came up with.


How happy does this make me?! I mean, it’s a LOT of waiting around – I had to figure out a production line where I’d make a bunch of wire bits, paint them, come back and make more, do first coats on those and second coats on the first one, wait and come back for more coats and topcoats – but still totally worth it, and I did get into the swing of things eventually.

They’re not perfect. I haven’t really tested them – I wore one out one day but nothing more – so aside from my stabbing tests (which I think turned out OK!), I’m not sure how they’ll hold up. But we’ll find out!

More :)

nailpolishflowers-9  nailpolishflowers-8 nailpolishflowers-5 nailpolishflowers-3 nailpolishflowers-2

Exclusive Jewelry-Making How-To: Make a Baroque Wire Pendant

I recently worked with Jewelry Making Daily to product an exclusive how-to project and thought you might be interested!


This beautiful little pendant can be glitzy and glam while being relatively quick to whip up. If you want to be meticulous and precise with your wrapping, you can spend longer on the piece–but I’m not that sort of artist! I like loose and free, which is why my measurements, tools, and materials lists are mostly of the “ish” variety, with any number of alternatives available. It’s not just because I find measuring things slows me down and dampens my creativity–and it’s not just because I forget measurements from one second to the next, either (I am a terrible baker but a great cook!). The real idea is to work with what you’ve got and be free to make something unique to you!

Exclusive Jewelry-Making How-To: Make a Baroque Wire Pendant »

Gemstone Focus Pendants

I’m really going to miss Little Mysteries in Halifax. They were one of my favourite stores, and I was really lucky to have them place wholesale orders for my Focus pendants in the last couple of years. Here’s a flashback to the couple of orders:

Pulling and laying out beads for a wholesale order of my special Focus line. Love, strength, and balance seem to be the most popular sentiments.
Pulling and laying out beads for a wholesale order of my special Focus line. Love, strength, and balance seem to be the most popular sentiments.

Two of my favourites from this batch:

Progress being made!
Strength & Protection
The more I do the better I get, I think.
The more I do the better I get, I think.
Little Mysteries Focus Pendants
Focus Pendants – Creativity


Little Mysteries Focus Pendants
Focus Pendants – Love


Little Mysteries Focus Pendants
Focus Pendants – Peaceful Sleep


Production Update

No time for writing today! Just some photos from the weekend. Back to silver – gotta make lots of things FROM the book to go along with SELLING the book. Yippee!

Beach glass bib necklaces:

PSX_20150328_111933 PSX_20150328_112033 PSX_20150328_112112 PSX_20150328_112207


Polymer clay bib necklace:



Steampunk assemblage pendants:

PSX_20150328_115321 PSX_20150328_115755 PSX_20150328_115929 PSX_20150328_120024 PSX_20150328_120134 PSX_20150328_120224


Lampwork simple bead pendants:


That’s it for now! Told you there’d be a wire explosion soon :D

Back to my roots… and they’re made of gemstones!

Earlier in the week I was planning my studio time. All previous projects have been complete and are off the bench, and I was musing aloud about what I could work on next. My very clever husband suggested I “get back to my roots” and pull out some gemstones and silver wire. And oh boy was he right!


First, I pulled out my silver wire, which I haven’t used in forever – partly because the last couple of spools I had were over-worked out of the package. But yesterday I had a whole new spool which turned out to be beautifully soft and usable. This helped enormously.


I pulled out my notebook of ideas and flipped to the page with gemstone combinations. I’d chosen these a long while ago for my “Focus” line, and the idea is that certain gemstones have ancient, mystical meanings, which when combined make for a stronger result… plus: pretty colours!


Working from my previous research makes picking combinations much simpler. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried this but working within constraints can make creativity blossom! When you have unlimited options you can easily get stuck, but if you pick a constraint then your brain is free to work within that constraint without getting overwhelmed.


The containers with the gemstones in them positively creaked from disuse, but the contents were gleaming and shiny and gorgeous. Choosing the shapes and sizes of stones from my stash was fun within the colour constraints.

We’ve got Pink tourmaline, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz, meant to denote Love: Photo

Happiness: Garnet, Amethyst, and CarnelianPhoto

Peaceful Sleep: Amethyst, Citrine, PeridotPhoto

Meditation: Labradorite, Moonstone, QuartzPhoto

Spiritual Growth: Iolite, Kyanite, MoonstonePhoto

Strength: Garnet & AmberPhoto

Peaceful Sleep: Citrine, Amethyst, PeridotPhoto



More individual images over on Facebook.

New Rings!

Been making crazy amounts of jewellery these days…

Fun New Rings!

Check out how awesome that labradorite is!

Fun New Rings!

Finished up a bunch of rings lately, some even with gears and such!

Fun New Rings!

Managed to get a few gemstones going as well, although I’m not quite able to identify this one.

Fun New Rings!

This rainbow one is totally fun.

Fun New Rings!

And a huge flowery one! So cool.

For the first time ever I’m running a calendar and a production schedule. Today I’m supposed to be making ornaments :)

Firescale Carnelian & Garnet

Firescale Carnelian & Garnet Hammered Wire Necklace

This is the most fun I’ve had in the studio in a while! Mostly I’ve had to focus on production pieces – making a million earrings in a row and spending weeks building rings; they’re satisfying to make but it can get monotonous. I finally decided to spend today doing something completely unique!

I didn’t have a serious plan for this one but it worked out beautifully. I’ve had these firescale carnelian ovals for a very long time and it was lovely to use them in a serious piece like this.

Firescale Carnelian & Garnet Hammered Wire Necklace

Firescale Carnelian & Garnet Hammered Wire Necklace

Firescale Carnelian & Garnet Hammered Wire Necklace

Stephanie’s Wedding Necklace

Wedding Necklace!

I was given the honour of creating a wedding necklace for my friend Stephanie. She had a fall-coloured wedding and fell in love with the honey-coloured beach glass I’d had in my stash. It went beautifully with the carnelian and pearls she’d already chosen. We had a lovely evening together sorting out what style and size and shape she’d like best. She was exceptionally easy to please :)

I took a few in-progress shots as I went along, maybe you’ll be interested?

Wedding Necklace!

Wedding Necklace!

Wedding Necklace!

Wedding Necklace!

She was a beaming, gorgeous bride and I was proud to have taken a tiny, shiny part in that.