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NEW Copper Bracelets

This came out of NOWHERE. I realized early this afternoon that I was finished all of the work I’d put out for myself for this show. Now what?! I looked around aimlessly for a little while and decided to take my older pieces and start marking them down for the sale box. In the middle of the pile was a single bracelet, an old design I haven’t tried for years.

I tossed aside the older work and started working on bracelets!

I tried two in the old style but really didn’t care for how they were working out, so I tried something new – a 4-strand braid.

I’ve had the 4-strand braid on my mind for a while as the next possible tutorial – it’s really useful for wrapping large, flat stones such as agate slices – but it suddenly occurred to me that it might work really well as the basis for a bracelet, especially if I hammered it. The first couple were a little wobbly but I got into the groove pretty quickly and voila! Lovin’ it!

NEW Copper Bracelets

NEW Copper Bracelets

NEW Copper Bracelets

What do you think?

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  1. Hi, Love the bracelet. Will be nice to add some pretty beads on. How have you been? I haven’t start anything tangible, but been collecting loads of designs and ideas. I use my eyes a lot to learn how beautiful pieces get done. Christmas is drawing near and I’ll be making some pieces as presents. Once I’m ready I’ll need your comment! :)

    Have a great day.

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