Working from home is hard, yall

I’ve been having trouble doing anything on a consistent basis. This whole make-your-own-hours thing is hard when there are kittehs to snuggle, naps to have, husbands to love, and video games to play (note that housecleaning and laundry are very conspicuously absent from this list). Apparently, from the outside, it looks like I’m always working; but it’s five months since I produced a video, I haven’t made anything new since before the holiday markets, and I didn’t even check on the last blog post but I’m sure it’s at least that long. I think maybe I’m not made for Working Whenever; despite my body being in less pain than I can remember for many years, my productivity has hit the dirt. The trouble is that it’s too wide open, I think? If I can work whenever, then I can do it later, right? Except sometimes it’s later and now I’m cosy in a blanky and dontwanna. So I schedule whatever it is for tomorrow, and instead I have a three hour nap. It’s not great.

To combat the topsy-turviness of it all, I’m going back to a straight-up Sundays off, 40-hour week. 14 of those hours are still at my beloved Kreative Design over two days, and the rest is up to me. I mean, so today’s the first day and already I spent the whole morning on a breakfast outing with friends but at least I was up and showered before 9, and I’m in my studio now. I’m floundering and babbling and not sure exactly what I’m going to work on but I’m here. 

I don’t know what to work on, because the wholesale show was last weekend and while it was good for cash-and-carry sales (yay instant money and inventory clearout!) there wasn’t much in the way of orders-for-the-future. Whereas last year, I earned enough orders to fill the time between February and June, I now have nearly five months with nothing specific to work on. My Wanna List is so big it’s freaking difficult to decide what to work on. A second book? More youtube? The supply shop, (which was received well by retailers, so yay)? More written tutorials, a design shop, my sterling line my metal clay line 3dprintingsculptingcarvingcolor aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Deep breaths. This blog post is a start, right? It’s something. A connection to you, my darling online peeps.

Here. Have a fistful of random pics as a visual of what I have been doing, when doing was had:

I started doing sterling silver hybrid wraps with labradorite cabochons.

I made a bunch of beads and incorporated them into some bead mixes for the supply shop.
I designed and 3d-printed a bunch of flowers to turn into my steampunkerflowersisies.
…and I played with printing some DnD minis.
I painted a BUNCH of furniture in a shabby chic fashion for the Kreative Design shop, since we moved to a bigger space.
Like, a LOT of furniture painting. Come to think of it, the recovery from this physical work is partly why I have not been doing much.
After the paint space was no longer available, I added some gilding to a few pieces, including the one that holds my collection at the shop!

Around the house, I moved the spare bed into my supply shop room, so my husband can have his own maker space.

We got a heat pump system:

And of course, kittehs:


Put all together like this, it does seem like a lot… but I know I’m capable of more. So here goes.

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