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  1. I absolutely loved your Wedding Necklace that was featured on Jewelry Lessons. Do you have any plans to do a tutorial on it? I have been making wire-wrapped jewelry for 13 years and would love to buy the pattern from you. My daughter is a wedding planner and I’m getting ready for an event at a wedding venue. Please feel free to Thanks so much! Sandy

  2. Gayle

    Thanks so much! My larger pieces sort of grow on their own, aren’t planned – but I’ve been thinking of doing up a larger piece specifically to teach for a while now! Keep an eye on JL and/or this space!

    I’d love to see your work, too.

  3. Shari

    Hi there,

    I was wondering where you get your wire from? I started using a 20 gauge copper wire but it’s tough to use. I notice you say 20 or 22 but it looks like 22. Any help would be appreciated!!


  4. Hey Gayle! Your work is fabulous! We help the impoverished in Honduras to make crafts. We have been doing similar things with our artists and local sea glass, but yours is amazing! Debi and I were just in Inverness a few weeks ago getting some beach glass…so I felt a real kinship when I saw this on Bead Girl online! Bless you as you work!
    You can see some of our stuff at:

  5. Roseanne

    Hi Gayle
    Your jewellery is simply amazing, I am looking to purchase some sea glass ,do you sell it or can you reccomend some where i can purchase. ,I am in Nova Scotia also and looking to purchase in NS.
    Thanks Roseanne

  6. Gayle

    Hi Roseanne,

    I wouldn’t know where to buy the sea glass, sorry – my parents and I pick all ours up off the beach!! I have seen it for sale on Etsy though sometimes, so maybe if you search there you’ll find something?

    Good luck!


  7. Kaleigh Osborne

    Hello, im wondering if you can help.
    I saw your christmas tree design wire and bead ornament on youtubeand fell in love, have been looking for inspiration for a while. Please could you tell me approx how much wire you use per ornament. I would be very greatfull as i cant just pop to the shops to get more as im bedbound so have to order online and i want to makesure i order enough first time round so i can definately make them in time for xmas. Knowing my guesses id end up only having enough for a few then having to order more then with my luck it wouldnt arrive till to late lol.
    I’d be very greatful and i hope its not too much trouble.
    Merry christmas and a beautiful new year.
    Kaleigh Osborne
    Essex, England

  8. Kaleigh Osborne

    Thanks for replying so fast. Gonna go do some ordering then get to work fast so can be 8n the tree when it goes up. Mind you after showing family the design their all asking for some for their trees. Ive not even done one yet!!! Who knows might be useless at them lol. Though maybe i should pretend to be so not to be working every waking minute making them for everyone in time lol.
    thanks again. X
    kaleigh osborne

  9. Gayle

    My pleasure! And don’t sell yourself short – you’ll be surprised how well you can do. Just don’t be discouraged if your first few aren’t perfect! It takes a while to get the feel of the wire. But you’ll get there :)

  10. Dot

    New to jewelry making but just wanted to let you know that your tutorials are wonderful. If you can’t follow along with them, you shouldn’t be making jewelry.

  11. MMT


    I just wanted to thank you so very much for authoring the book “Freeform Wire Art Jewelry.” I love it; I too am self taught. I am still quite new to jewelry design. Consequently, I have purchased several books and often been quite frustrated when trying to comprehend concepts written by other authors. Your style of writing is so great-I finally feel I am starting to get it! ;)

    Thank you Again,

    Love from Arkansas in U.S.A.
    Mary Margaret Tillery
    EufloriaDesigns on Etsy

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