Steampunk Jewellery

Somehow I got into the steampunk gig – it’s been evolving for a few years now and now it’s some sort of assemblage process that I truly enjoy. I scour flea markets, basements, and thrift stores for various metal bits that I can put together with watch parts my fiancĂ© disassembles in our basement and metal flowers I buy from another artist.

Each one is entirely different! Here are a few.


  1. Dear Gail –

    I have been asked to do something for Indian Market Mag that shows the most innovative female jewelers, and wow!…you fit this bill!

    Dan Gibson, who’s editing the pub, is a good friend, as is Robb Lucas. But I had no idea you were doing this steampunk jewelry and it’s fabulous! How could I contact you to discuss the piece?

    God bless and thanks!
    Mary Ann Crenshaw
    And there’s a tight deadline so PLEASE HELP!

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