Mica and Ink on Clay – Making Alcohol Ink Shine

My last video yielded some interesting results with the Lumiere paints – but what you didn’t see was a side effect of using just mica powders and alcohol inks – no Lumiere. The mica powder I was trying to cover up was peeking out through the ink, creating this amazing, beetle-like texture and shine. Check it out:

last week's results
last week’s results

Based on these results, I tried a whole batch of clay using mica powders on the raw clay, baking it, and painting with alcohol ink. While I was at it, I also recorded the way I make my impressed clay components, so this is like two videos in one.

The video is half tutorial, half experiment – with the added benefit that I already had previous results to base my experiment on! I’m incredibly pleased with the results, and I think you will be, too. I sure hope you try it out!

Mica and Ink on Clay

I was mostly interested in the greens based on what I’d done before, but it turns out that pink/orange/yellow is also pretty stunning. If you compare the photo above to the one below you can also see how the colours seem to change based on the lighting angles, which is one of my favorite things ever.

pink and orange vs green and blue

And in keeping with each new thing I try sparking a bunch more ideas – I found that using yellow over green and blue made a fairly good, if accidental, faux labradorite, so I’ll be playing with that again, soon! Check out the piece I made (right) next to a real chunk of labradorite (left):

faux labradorite

There’s definitely potential there!!

mica and ink
So many colours!

Anyway, you can watch the full video below.

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  1. Gloria harris

    I’m very new to this craft, that being said, a list of every thing you used to make these would be greatly appreciated, i had to watch the video again just to write down what you were using.

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