Gayle Bird Designs, Inc.

In two weeks, I will be something I never thought I could ever accomplish: a self-employed, entrepreneurial, full-time working artist.

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After almost 18 years working as an educator for an online college, I have put in my notice and will be pursuing Gayle Bird Designs, Inc., with my whole heart and soul (both of which have been crying out, what took you so long!?). So, what does this mean?

Well, here are my short-term plans:

  1. Teaching. There are five workshops in the planning stage at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. I have a private workshop set up in the fall. I’ve purchased ten sets of tools and I am open to scheduling your private workshop! By all means, contact me :)
  2. Publishing. My youtube channel will get that content I’ve been promising it for years. I have a list of at least two dozen tutorials I’ve never had time to complete that will get finished and released, and I won’t stop there. There might even be another book lurking around in my brain!
  3. Production. Oh have I ever been in production! I’m working with steampunk and beach glass and clay and wire and beads and I’m just stoked about all these directions. I also intend to release more of my own handmade components for sale.
  4. Sales. For more than a decade, I’ve had to tell people that I don’t sell online. Well, no more! This very website will have its own shop starting this summer, and there will also be select items available on my Etsy shop. Also, I have lined up several craft shows for the fall, including Caper Con, Christmas at the Halifax Forum, Deck the Halls, and more!

It seems like a lot, all written down like that. But I’ve been doing a version of all of these since the early 00’s and the only thing that has ever stopped my full-steam-aheadness is the lack of time. This lack of time has gotten worse as my fibromyalgia progresses; I’m no longer able to work 7 days a week and still be a human being. I had to make a choice; and since I’ve already seen the path of the last 18 years, I thought I’d try the one that has been nagging me that whole time. I will no longer wonder, “What could I accomplish if I had the time?” I will no longer have to say, “No, I can’t, I’ll be working.”

I’m going for it. And I’m really eager to see what happens next. I hope you’ll join me on the ride!

And hey, for those of you who follow me on Facebook: There will be a huge clearout sale of my jewellery stash, hosted as a fb event, the first week in August. Stay tuned for details.


  1. Mandy

    Omg I’m over the moon for you!! YES!!! It’s going to be amazing, is right. You won’t miss working for someone else ? Take it from me.
    Enjoy and all the best! I know you will do very well. ?

  2. Margaret A MacNeil

    You are awesome Gayle.
    Sorry about the aches plus I know exactly how you feel. This decision will allow that great imagination to take over and I know the end results will keep you smiling, happy and lets hope wealthy. No doubt you will enjoy life to the fullest not tied to someonelse’s hour. You go woman. Can’t wait to see your future.

  3. Dear Gayle, I’m so thrilled for you! You are so talented and you bring your own success to everything you do. I watched you on Craftsy and have your book. This courageous move to full-time entrepreurship will inspire us, your loyal followers.
    Congratulations and Thank You!!

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