Metal & Flowers

I’ve been spending a LOT of time sort of… avoiding the studio. It’s messy in here, my fibro has been acting up so that all I do is SLEEP, and honestly the winter was DEPRESSINGly long and gray.

But that didn’t stop me from buying ALL of the colourful supplies I could find! Especially when I received a royalty payment that was enough to push me up into the official best-seller list! Over 10,000 copies. I’m not a millionaire yet – royalties are surprisingly UNlucrative – but I still managed to get some gorgeous new colors:

2016-03-19 09.03.25

However, it’s only recently that I really DID anything. But once I got started – it was color-city!

2016-04-17 11.08.11

The beautiful mess of painting raw brass metal flowers with an experimental mixture of ranger patinas, lumiere paints, pearl-ex powders, and who knows what else!

I managed to get a couple of dozen flowers put together; I wanted to have finished jewelry of them to show you by today but that didn’t happen. I spent 8 hours doing inventory instead. Yay?

Anyway, here’s some pretty colored flowers to herald the (eventual) coming of spring! Hopefully I can show you some steamflowersiserpunker pendants soon :)

2016-04-17 12.12.48

2016-04-17 12.13.56

2016-04-17 12.13.35


  1. Maurine Grisso

    I know how you feel I have been staying away from my studio also. It’s messy and I need to bite the bullet and just go in there and put things away. I hit a slump and I need to just go to work. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. You new flowers are beautiful. I hope they will spark your imagination. Good luck and hang in there. I remind myself that down time comes just before a new start.

  2. Rosalee Balbo

    OMG those are most beautiful & now that we are back home, time to get back into my art room & create!! Thank you for new inspiration–you always inspire me to create & come up with new ideas. Don’t have a web site yet, have to get into seeing about creating my own web site……..technologically challenged.
    Gayle I just love your stuff & you always come up with new, neat ideas. Thank you, RB

  3. I, too, have fibromyalgia. Have had it for twenty years. I think they should list “creating beautiful jewelry and stuff” as an official recommendation for treatment of fibro. Just sitting and looking at beautiful jewelry books, such as the recent “Napier,” gives me a better attitude. Will add your site to my treatment list. Claudia

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