Antiquing Copper!

Today I’ve been having fun with copper and oxidation. First, I created some earrings out of non-non-tarnish wire (bare copper!).

Next, I prepared a solution of Liver of Sulfur and dumped all my shiny pretty earrings into it. They instantly turned black! But that’s OK, that’s the point:

Next, I gathered some supplies – my dremel with the flex shaft (invaluable), some earplugs, a  face mask to avoid getting little bits of black dust up my nose, some safety glasses, and a few abrasive pads for the dremel:

Then… I just started buffing! It’s almost magical to watch the black come off and leave behind this gorgeous, soft finish to the metal, with dark crevices to show off the wire work.

The process is so amazing, I had to show you a video!!

How cool is that?! And here are some finished pairs of earrings:






  1. Ree Groves

    Good mornin, Gayle,
    First off Gayle, I think your work is wonderful, unique, bold & beautiful, I just love it.
    Congrats on your Marriage last year, the piece you made for that, did you put extra on that or leave it as is, I honestly thought with that piece it was that, you made a statement!! Your SPECIAL DAY, I was really taken by that piece it was just beautiful, I’m a person that likes creations of Art work that are different, it can be personal or just what is in the mind at that time??
    I intend to keep following your site I just love it & so explanatory, Keep your wonderful work up.
    Regards Ree Groves From Auss (Downunder)

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