Demi Necklaces

Preview of new product! I’m not sure what to call these little guys but they’re awfully fun. The focals are 1″-ish  lampworked beads by Amy Hall.

Demi Necklaces

Demi Necklaces


  1. Gayle

    Thank you Roberta! They’re actually not. I like to keep costs low and allow freedom in my designs, and the cost of sterling is astronomical. These are only $45 for instance, when a similar amount of sterling would likely be well over $100.

  2. Karen Hinchey


    Your necklaces are lovely!
    Have you considered buying clearance Sterling Silver chains at places like Winner’s for around $15 & using them for the people that require Sterling Silver?
    You might also be able to source a Sterling Silver wholesaler who could supply you with different length chains at a lower cost.

    Best of luck!
    Edson, Alberta

  3. Gayle

    Thanks Karen! However, $15 is far too much of an investment on a small component in a piece like this – between that and consignment fees I wouldn’t make any money; either that or I’d have to charge an enormous amount to the customer, and I don’t care for that! I let all my customers know that the chains aren’t the highest quality, and most of them tell me they have their own chains anyway.

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