Forged Pendant Frames

I always love seeing the in-progress shots of artists at work, so hopefully you do too!

Laird and I have been honing our soldering skills at a basic jewellery forging class this winter, and it’s super fun! We’re working on a single bracelet each, but I tend to work pretty quickly and I’ve had a lot of luck, so with some extra wire I had lying around I made a bunch of circles (below top left), soldered them (middle) and then started manipulating them into different shapes (bottom right).

Forged Pendant Frames

After I soldered and shaped the wire, I hammered them for strength and to give them this gorgeous sparkly finish:
Forged Pendant Frames

I’ve got a shipment of faceted gemstone drops just awaiting pickup at the depot on Monday, and I think they’re going to be gorgeous combined with these frames.

As it turns out, the jewellery studio – with torches – is available for rent, so if these work out I will be taking advantage of that and doing more of this kind of thing. I really like the idea of adding forged work into my existing wirewrap to make something new – then I’ll be wiresmithing indeed!

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