Beachcombed Jewellery

I had a very fun weekend making a lot of new jewellery from old glass, shells, pottery and coal found on the beaches of Cape Breton.

There’s a new Ocean Harvest Charms series which consists of local stone drilled by Laird and wrapped by me with the inclusion of pewter or sterling silver charms. I think these are so beautiful:

I managed to wrap some of the rarer beach glass I’ve found, including an extremely tiny piece of red & a gorgeous teal droplet:




I also made many many common-coloured beach glass pendants:

This was all in preparation for A) the flea market, which was yesterday, and B) sending more work to Arts North.

Well, all the flea market did was make me ache all over (who sanctioned the use of concrete for floors, ever?). Barely made any money whatsoever. I did get lots of interest and lots of people took my card, so that’s good I guess.

It does reinforce my belief that I should never ever try to sell my own work. I’m simply no good at it. Someone looks at me and I smile and look away; someone looks at Angie and she immediately starts to talk about my jewellery. I should just hire her as my personal representative.

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