Starfish Series & Hair Adornments

I’m rolling out this starfish series with a bang.


That thing has been rolling about inside my head for a very long time. I’m SO glad I finally got it out! Plus, I totally made it another kitchen-sink necklace (gotta stop doing that)… it’s got: hand-sculpted polymer clay starfish & shell, blue kyanite, aquamarine, pearls, labradorite, chrysocolla, moonstone, blue chalcedony, firepolished glass, pressed glass, reclaimed leather, and copper, bronze & silver wire.

More views if you click on the photo and go through the Flickr set.

Also making me happy this week are these adorable wee hair combs (again, you’ll find a few different combs by clicking on the photo and going through the set):


I expect to make many colour combinations of these. I LOVE them and want one in every colour. Gotta remember to sell them, too!


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