Display & Packaging

Voila! Except for the stamp, this was all handmade by yours truly (and even the stamp I designed). I was solving all kinds of problems – keeping sets together, where to put chains, branding, coding and pricing (on stickers on the back, which I can mail merge from my inventory spreadsheet).

I’ve got ten different colours (five double-sided versions of cardstock), I’ve got production streamlined and efficient, and I think they’re gorgeous.

I think they’re rockstar and will be using them for shows and jewellery parties (rules for which are coming soon – anybody interested in hosting?).

Also of note here is the new hammered wire, my new-to-me earring designs (they’re not really that original), the beach-tumbled limestone, bottom-right, which I varnished before wrapping, a new way to wrap a stone by coiling hammered pieces together (the rose quartz), and a brand-spanking new bail I designed for holding the pendants on the chains (also new).

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