Christmas at Victoria Park

So I’m a bit of a knucklehead. I wanted to send out notice to people I know locally that I’ll be selling my jewellery at the market this weekend. I spent 20 minutes gathering emails from different email programs and my MSN contacts. I wrote the email verrrry carefully. Then I was unable to copy/paste the addresses simply into the TO or BCC fields. Just wouldn’t work. I ended up breaking them into 3 groups and copy/pasting the addresses individually into three separate emails.

And all three emails? Went out without a subject.


For what it’s worth, here’s the notice:

I’ve got big news: this summer and fall have been devoted to creating hundreds of new jewellery pieces, from pendants to neckpieces to bracelets to rings and earrings. And this weekend, they’ll be available at the Christmas at Victoria Park craft market!

The market is at the Armouries at the north end of the Esplanade in Sydney – just drive past the cruise ships until you see the army base; the market will be where the big snowman is :)  Hours are:

Friday, 5-9pm
Saturday, 10am-7pm
Sunday, Noon-5pm

You can see a preview here:

I have a pretty big range of products and prices so if you’re shopping for a huge gift or just a stocking stuffer, chances are I’ve got something for you.

The market’s got a lot of other great presenters, too; more info at:

Hope to see you there! If you feel like helping me out in the booth for a while, I’m trading for booth credit and hugs :)

Come early, come often, and bring your friends!

I’ve got my signs ready, my displays planned out and some even pre-loaded, lots of great little tiny busts I made to show off individual pendants, prices done, pieces named, and I even got some Gem Info signs to plonk all over the table. I might actually be ready for this thing! (probably not)…

Some pics of the preparations…

The world’s largest business card:

The mock setup we did of my booth:

The extremely awesome busts I made out of cardboard (the black one is covered in fabric) and which got kind of washed out in this photo but I love them anyway:

And for good measure, a picture of the necklace and earring set that sold at the CBCCD auction for $175(!!!), after it sold:

* Neckpieces: 12
* Neckwires (Plain): 13
* Rings: 51
* Bracelets: 11
* Mookaite Pendants: 14
* Ocean Jasper Pendants: 29
* Agate Slice Pendants: 15
* Various Large Gemstone Pendants: 20
* Various Tiny Gemstone Pendants: 48
* Various Glass Pendants: 13
* Various Earrings: 9
* Veggie Earrings: 30
* Veggie Pendants: 11
* Series – Sea-Found Pendants: 14
* Series – Amethyst & Olive Jade: 5
* Series – Pale Dreams Pendants: 5
* Series – Tiny Beach Glass: 50
* Series – Tiny Stick Pearl Pendants: 6
* Series – Tiny Labradorite Pendants: 5
* Series – Tiny Pietersite Pendants: 5
* Series – Pour & Tumble Pendants: 10
* TOTAL: 380 Only three more days until the show!!

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