I periodically create wire-wrap tutorials for youtube.com. You can also find my work at Wubbersu.com, Zibbet.com, and Craftsy.com. This page is the index, so to speak!

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tutoriallink-beachglassHow to Wire Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way
(Streaming Video) (PDF Download) (Blog Post) FREE!
tutoriallink-twistedearringsHow to Make Wire-Wrapped Dangle Earrings in 8 Minutes or Less
(Streaming Video) FREE!
tutoriallink-ornamentsWire Christmas Tree Ornament
(Streaming Video) FREE!
Wrap with a 4-Strand Braid
(PDF Download) Free!
Ring TutorialThe Million-Ring Design
(PDF Download) $5
Simple Steps of Light Pendant (PDF Download) $1.98
Ring TutorialSparkling Aluminum Earrings (PDF Download) $3.49
Handmade Pendant Bail (PDF Download) $3
World’s Easiest Earrings (PDF Download) $3
Mosaic Bead Pendant (PDF Download) $4.50
Simple Twisted Earrings (PDF Download) $1.98
Spoonful of Ocean (PDF Download) $6
Steampunk Owl (PDF Download) $2
Handwoven Neck Wire (PDF Download) $5


  1. maanesha1

    beautiful, thankyou. i find sea glass regularly as i walk on the beach every day so now i can use their beauty other than in my plant pots for decoration.

  2. George Anderson

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  3. Jerilyn Duefrene

    WOW, thank you so much for sharing this! I am a beginner, I have so much sea glass from many years of walking the beach. Now I want to make something from them. I was thinking wire wrapping. You made it look easy, I will be watching this video over and over while I try my first piece!!! Thank you again!

  4. Kim M Jones

    thank you so much for sharing. I just started wire wrapping Herkimer Diamonds found only in NY. I’m in Wisconsin . You have helped me so much. I wish you had a book published. I have purchased two books and neither one has taught me as much as your short videos. Thanks again.

  5. Julie Spiegel

    This was a wonderful tutorial! Thank you SO much for sharing your talents! I hadn’t seen a wrap done that way, and you’re absolutely right! It does look so much easier – can’t wait to try it!

  6. whippetchick

    I LOVE this tut!!! So simple and fast, but the results are beautiful!! I found the background noise to be a bit distracting, but it might be because I have a migraine. I used this method to wrap a chunk of green malachite, and used the extra wire to curl and attached peridot Swarovski beads. It was a gift for my SIL, and she loves it!!Many thanks!!

  7. Susan O'

    Thank you for the instructional video, I will give it a try, like most folks here I have a lot of sea glass with nothing to do with; now you have shown me a way to share my collection. Thank you.

  8. Kayla McElligott

    Thank you so much for making this tutorial. My little sister learned how to do this in Girl Scouts a few weeks ago but it always comes out sloppy and over wired. Thanks to your video, our pieces come out perfectly!

  9. jendb1234

    Best tutorial I’ve seen on how to wire wrap beach glass. It’s much easier to follow & stay focused without all the rambling in the background, your on screen memos are a smart way to convey the steps as you go. Would love to see more vids from you. Thank you!

  10. Janice Scott

    Excellent tutorials … thank you very much for sharing your skill. I’ve tried to do this many times with varying degrees of success and I can see from this demo, where I was going wrong. Thank you again.

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