Wire-Wrapped Rings

Just like the rest of my work, every ring I make is unique and has its own voice. I use the finest glass, usually firepolished, as a centrepiece on top of my signature swirled base. I will even use gemstones if the stone is sturdy enough. Often, I’ll twine sterling silver accent beads around the focal to make the ring seem more baroque.

Some of the ring styles I’ve produced are below.





Wire-Wrapped rings by Gayle Bird


  1. Carol Adams-Connor

    I recently bought your million ring tutorial from Jewelry Lessons.com. I notice at this site that you state that you sometimes use gemstone ‘if the stone is sturdy enough’. Does the gemstone have a hole or do you wrap the stone with wire to the ring base?

  2. Gayle

    Hi Carol!

    My ring gemstones will always have a hole. I say sturdy enough because gemstones are often a bit brittle and don’t necessarily lend themselves to this kind of exposed ring.


  3. kim Bush

    OMG,what beautifu work.Through another comment I see something called million ring tutorial,WHERE CAN I BUY THAT?I have just begun to make wire rings,and would love to see how u do what u do and to be inspired,loves…….

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