Gayle Bird Designs


Idea Overload!


Two weeks ago I had some vacation time, and my younger brother and I headed out across our wee island in search of rusty crap. It was a gorgeous summer day, warm but not so hot we needed the A/C so all the windows were down and everything smelled like heaven – pine and hot…


Steampunk, ever evolving


Every time I pull out the antiqued wire or dig through my box of random metal bits or make another trip to the thrift store jewellery section, I end up moving in a totally new direction than I thought I was going to be going in. I’m certainly not complaining! It’s wild and exciting to…


Home to Roost


A bunch of super-talented local artisans and I are working on a gallery exhibition that opens in about a month. It’s all about birds and there are a LOT of great ideas flying around our intermittent meetings. Working with such creative minds is exhilarating… staring down a deadline, a little less so ;) Here’s a…




In the midst of unbelievable chaos, I managed to complete a last-minute batch of steampunk flower pendants before the CBCCD show in 4 days! I especially love the one with the red/orange┬áleather, below: I had to make some more because I nearly sold out at my last show! These things go very fast. I was…


New Rings!


Been making crazy amounts of jewellery these days… Check out how awesome that labradorite is! Finished up a bunch of rings lately, some even with gears and such! Managed to get a few gemstones going as well, although I’m not quite able to identify this one. This rainbow one is totally fun. And a huge…


Sneaky Preview

The new materials I’ve got on the bench are blowing my mind. Unfortunately, my vacation totally interrupted my creativity time and I can’t show you anything finished yet! I can, however, totally tease you :) And ok, you can see some of the half-finished bits in the background. Maybe I jumbled them together on purpose…


Firescale Carnelian & Garnet

This is the most fun I’ve had in the studio in a while! Mostly I’ve had to focus on production pieces – making a million earrings in a row and spending weeks building rings; they’re satisfying to make but it can get monotonous. I finally decided to spend today doing something completely unique! I didn’t…


New Camera

This isn’t strictly jewellery-related but I’ve been dying to take photos of our backyard for about 18 months now, and I could never properly capture the forest-like proportions until the new camera got here. And this morning, the gorgeous fog and sunrise I see out my bathroom window nearly every day didn’t fail me. I…


Earrings & Pendants

I had an excellently productive 4-day weekend! More steampunk-vintage-whatsits (more on those later) as well as a big pile of firepolished glass pendants and earrings. I didn’t take individual photos of the pendants, but here’s a pretty good shot of most of them: They’re pretty fun to make, lots of organic swirls and such. What…



It’s been a LONG time since I’ve made any rings. They’re quite difficult in terms of finicky-ness and painful-ness; unfortunately for my hands they’re also one of my very best sellers. Luckily I had a LOT of stock left over from last year so I hadn’t needed to make any for a while, but they’re…


Steampunk? I think?

I went just a *little* dangle-crazy with the last batch of steamfunkery pieces. I couldn’t help it! I dug out all the metal bits and bobs I could find and in there were these chandelier-earring-type findings that just begged to be incorporated and to have things hanging off them. And so a bunch of the…


Steampunk-y Gears

I’ve been doing a version of these for a while, but this is the first time I’ve had access to real watch parts (mostly I’ve been using scrapbooking embellishments). I had a great time putting together complex elements to then wire-wrap. I also had some success with photography! I believe the secret is to add…