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Inspiring Insect Jewelry


  I may have mentioned before, but Craftsy – one of the largest craft blogs around – recently engaged me to become a jewelry blogger. And here’s my first assignment! When I want to create something inventive and new, I turn to inspiration from some unlikely places – like the insect kingdom. Even if bugs…



A dozen new items up in the shop today! Wow, I would have thought it was a lot more than a dozen, I feel like I’ve been doing this all day. I hope to have more common colours up next week… I’m still working on a more affordable shipping option.


Rack Cards

The very kind people at the CBCCD, through a funding program, have allowed me the financial ability to have rack cards printed – plus business cards and the Moo cards I talked about this week. I spent far too many hours designing these things – struggling with niggly details, staring dumbly at them until my…


New Moo Business Cards

You’ve probably seen my tiny finger-sized business cards from I’ve got funding for more print materials so I’m using part of it to print some business-card-sized cards from Moo. The very best part is every card can have a different image on it! I chose 30 different images. Here are a few.