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Craft Show – St. Theresa’s

My first show went pretty well! It was tiring, and my knee was pretty much destroyed for about a week, but I’m feeling much better now. I had a lot of crazy interest in my work but relatively few people bought anything; it just wasn’t my market. But that’s ok! LOTS of people were excited to know that I’d be at the Marconi show. I was given my location as well – in an alcove under the stairs, at the end facing the main hallway – and I think with my sparkly display, it’s going to be pretty great.

Oh! And this is what it looked like!



St. Theresa's Show 2007


I’ve got all sorts of plans for new necklaces and serieseses, and feeling just creative enough and energized enough to try some of them tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek:

A set of rune pendants;

A sea serpent necklace;

Polymer clay starfish;

Half-finished necklaces that can be strung on chains;

Black + copper wire.

I’ll let you know what I come up with!

Fall Shows

Here’s where you can buy my work this fall!

October 12, 13, 14
St. Theresa’s Hall, St. Peter’s Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia

November 9, 10, 11
NSCC Marconi Campus, Sydney, Nova Scotia

November 23, 24, 25
Victoria Park at the Armories, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Also, some previews!





And the completed Phoenix:

Show Posters

How smart do I feel?

Gem Identification Chart


I printed off the gemstones on a small postcard-sized piece of photo paper(and might get actual postcards done up); the beach glass is printed on letter-sized photo paper. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself, because these are all photos of my actual stock, and the beach glass is all stuff I found myself (or my family found on a trip with me).

The beach glass one is all finished, but I think I’ll continue with my original plan and create a template to print out for the gemstones, and glue the actual stones to cardstock – I also really want to write a sentence or so for each, although that may be too ambitious right now.

Off to the dollar store for some cheap frames!


I made more money from my jewellery in galleries in August than I took home from my day job. And I get paid pretty damn good at my job. I was told that September is about 3/4 of the volume of August – and then comes Celtic Colours, which is an internationally renowned, island-wide fiddle/folk music concert in October.

Since somewhere around Wednesday, I’ve made 71 pairs of earrings, 17 earring/pendant sets, one necklace/earring set and 18 single pendants, while still managing to feel idiotically lazy in front of the TV, watching House and Friends and MASH while making the earrings. I just spent two hours or so with my TV table out on the front verandah drinking in the beautiful fall air (I know, it’s technically summer, but this is Cape Breton) and building some of those sets and pendants.

I was going to say I don’t have pictures of all of this, but screw it, they’re here, the camera’s here, so I snapped a couple.

What I just did outside:

What a jumble of 70 pairs of earrings looks like (don’t worry, they’re all on cards, tangling should be minimal):

A messy, messy photo of some of the sets (there’s pendants underneath the gray cloth, I got lazy though):


I asked Laird to go through my encyclopedia of mythical creatures and choose one for inspiration to make a necklace. He chose the Phoenix (he started listing a few others but the phoenix caught me immediately). I actually sketched this out and went through a lot of angst to get it finished, and in fact the tail might need reconstructing because it’s made with beading thread not wire, but… here it is!





Freeform Rings

How adorable are these? I made a bunch one night last week, wore two to work, and sold about eight of them by taking orders, making more that evening, and delivering the next day. I still managed to have three dozen for my inventory! Which is really good because I’ve got THREE shows coming up this fall, within six weeks of each other. Oi.

Bravery with Scissors

I’ve been dying for a strand of watermelon tourmaline forever. It’s totally gorgeous – from a deep pink through to dark green, with light and dark versions of each, and black and white. I actually have TWO strands now – a small button strand and a long chunky chips strand. They’re both amazing.

Every now and then I take them out, determined to do something with some of it.. and then I put it back, too afraid to cut the strands.

Today I conquered my fear!

specular hematite / tourmaline

Gorgeous, no? Especially on the specular hematite.

Display & Packaging

Voila! Except for the stamp, this was all handmade by yours truly (and even the stamp I designed). I was solving all kinds of problems – keeping sets together, where to put chains, branding, coding and pricing (on stickers on the back, which I can mail merge from my inventory spreadsheet).

I’ve got ten different colours (five double-sided versions of cardstock), I’ve got production streamlined and efficient, and I think they’re gorgeous.

I think they’re rockstar and will be using them for shows and jewellery parties (rules for which are coming soon – anybody interested in hosting?).

Also of note here is the new hammered wire, my new-to-me earring designs (they’re not really that original), the beach-tumbled limestone, bottom-right, which I varnished before wrapping, a new way to wrap a stone by coiling hammered pieces together (the rose quartz), and a brand-spanking new bail I designed for holding the pendants on the chains (also new).

Arts North

My parents took a little trip up to Arts North and around the Cabot Trail a couple of weeks ago just so they could drop off some work for me, see the gallery and just take a little trip! Here’s a collage of some photos they took – they’re mostly blurry so there’s no point in showing them up close.

Clock wise from top left: The building from outside; my main display! The left shutter-type-thing is Darryl MacLeod’s work, while the black-covered table and right-shutter-type-thing is mine, with my mom reflected in the mirror in between; the ring display at the counter – mine are on the middle shelf of that little glass display, and if you look closely you can see my business card there; the main area of the gallery shop, filled with the owner’s gorgeous pottery; the upstairs of the shop, with some of Shari Macleod’s baskets (I recognize her work having done their website), and some artwork and really pretty quilts.

Isn’t it a totally gorgeous place? The floors are to die for. I’m very excited, especially since my first check is coming in the mail and it’s basically the same as a week’s worth of work at my day job. Not bad! They promise that June is really slow, too, and that I’m doing really well.

Go me!

Beach Glass

I had a beautiful time on the beach with my love on Saturday. We only got a smidge burned, we had a ridiculous amount of fun, and I found my first, one and only, true piece of RED BEACH GLASS! Holy smokes! They say for every 5000 pieces of glass, only one is red. And there it was! Jewellery-sized and staring me in the face!

I also found three marbles including a black one and a yellow on e, two real live yellow pieces (also extremely rare) (one may or may not be pottery or plastic), a piece of lavendar/pink which is really old, and a whole pile of blue and aqua. Squee!

Check it out:

beach glass find

The tiny raspberry-looking piece was in my bag from our aborted trip to Kennington Cove. It’s not genuine beach glass as I found it on the road – so it could be called dirt glass, I suppose. It’s still rounded and pretty.

Also, I now have enough colours to do one of these!

beach glass colour wheel

AND I just got some jewellery glue and used it to attach the itty bitty teeeeeeeny weeny blue pieces that I’ve been finding to larger white pieces, and they’re turning out quite well (no photos until the finished pieces are ready).

I’m also on a continual hunt for the perfect lighting conditions for photos. For this I was using Laird’s stupid ultra cool camera. I didn’t put it in the light box because I was just playing around, and I figured it was bright enough from the window. I laid everything out first on a new gray fabric I just got for trying this sort of thing, and then on a super-bright white piece of bristol board. Surprisingly (sort of), the gray is much better.

The white throws off the camera’s white balance or levels or something. Quite annoying! I’ll have to re-line the inside of my photo box. Or something. The quest continues!

Large Neckpieces

I’ve really been into creating full neckpieces. I think I’ve created and perfected an efficient, pleasing, worthwhile “link” for creating a piece that can sit flat on the collarbone, as opposed to the stand-up chokers I’ve been making.

I really REALLY want to keep the amber piece for myself.


Red coral and quartz crystal:

Purple jasper, iolite, and onyx.

Yellow turquoise and olive jade:

Multi-coloured amber:

Black Wire Prototypes

I’ve been having some fun with this black wire. It looks really fabulous but I’m worried because it seems to chip easily – it doesn’t have the same protective coating as my regular silver wire, it seems.

In any case, I love the look. I’ll have to wear these to see what kind of damage I can inflict.



OH and they’re both this fabulous dichroic glass I picked up at the Atlantic Craft Trade Show. I need to contact that lady, she said she’d sell me more. Hmm!

Shop Update!

A ton of earrings and pendants in my new series, Springflower, and lots of rings are now up for sale at my shop. I’ve also updated the gallery and added a set (with more to follow).