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Craftsy: How to Antique Jewelry in 4 Easy Steps

How to Antique Jewelry in 4 Easy Steps

Hey look it’s another Craftsy post! I sure am writing a lot of those lately. This one shows two different ways to antique your copper and silver wire-wrapping jewelry. Read the full post for all the details! » PS these two pieces are part of a super-secret project for December which I hope to reveal really…




Have you ever wanted to do something really badly, and then when you get a chance to you stare at it blankly, not sure how to get started? I’ve been doing that with these assemblage steampunk pieces for several weeks. Arranging, rearranging, gluing, adding, then just staring. And staring. Well today I figured, enough is…


Taking a Breather

Oh, waves. You make me happy.

There have been so many amazing opportunities coming up because of the book that I’ve been flat-out, working my day-job and completing extra projects, promoting the book, and generally going mad with joyful busy-ness, for months. So at the last minute, I took this past week off the day-job and planned to spend it in…


Copper Daggers & Gems


Quick look at my newest design, consistent of hand-forged copper dagger shapes, some fire-balled copper ends, various gemstones (labradorite, Russian chaorite, fossilized coral, malachite, and what I think is lapis lazuli) and lots and lots of finicky fiddling. No pre-conceived wire weaving here – it’s all freeform wire art. My favourite part is the way…


Gemstone Focus Pendants


I’m really going to miss Little Mysteries in Halifax. They were one of my favourite stores, and I was really lucky to have them place wholesale orders for my Focus pendants in the last couple of years. Here’s a flashback to the couple of orders: Two of my favourites from this batch: