Beads in Paris

When I was in Paris (that sounds simultaneously super pretentious and fictional), my host and I took a stroll up Rue du Temple. We were looking for a specific list of bead shops – which we never actually found – and came across a whole street full of bead shops that we hadn’t heard of! Including one that our hotel owner (hotel being a sort of converted house apartment thing) told us about when he came to collect his fees, called Minérales do Brasil (above). It wasn’t technically ON Rue du Temple, but rather tucked away through some carriage doors and a couple of courtyards.

Despite being the most cramped space I’ve ever been in, It was the shop of my dreeeeeaaaammmmsss.

Beads and rocks and gemstones, oh my! I mean… JUST LOOK AT IT:


I went way, way, wayyyy over my spending limit on this street, and S’s backpack got WAY too heavy (sorry man).

I lost my damn mind over the fluorite and labradorite, but I managed to control myself and only buy a few pieces:


The other shops also did disappoint. I mean, there wasn’t much around that I haven’t seen or bought online, or even semi-locally at the Nova Scotia Gem & Mineral Show. But it was IN PARIS. I WAS BUYING BEADS IN PARIS. The surreality will never dissipate. LOOK AT MY PROOF IN MY HANDS:

I’m running out of words, and I’m not ready to share my plans for this stuff yet (oh, there are plans), so here. An eyeball feast for you:

Various flat/drilled cabs. What is that purple thing? NO IDEA. Love it though.
Various flat/drilled cabs. What is that purple thing? NO IDEA. Love it though.
Gemstone beads. Rough nuggets - my fave!
Gemstone beads. Rough nuggets – my fave!
Sooo much metal.
Sooo much metal.
I lost track if that's ametrine or amethyst. Dang. And oh look, more labradorite!!
I lost track if that’s ametrine or amethyst. Dang. And oh look, more labradorite!!
Sparkly sparkly faceted czech beads
Sparkly sparkly faceted czech beads


  1. Gillian Huggett

    I have only just found your blog, and have enjoyed reading about your trip to Paris.
    Those bead shops are wonderful, I am so envious of you. It is disappointing that the hobby does not spread to the rural areas in France, I have a 55 minutes drive to my nearest shop, which is not fantastically stocked and is really expensive. I went to an annual hobby show in Toulouse last year expecting some special ‘show prices’ ( that is normal in the UK ) again disappointment , perhaps I am doing something wrong? In the UK there are lots of bead shops and shows all round the country.
    I am waffling on, I just thought I would add that I have no idea what the purple stone is either I would guess at perhaps a dyed howlite, did you buy any?
    Thanks for the time you have spent on your blog I have enjoyed it

  2. Gayle

    Thanks Gillian! I am from Canada and there’s not much where I am, either – just Michael’s. Nothing locally owned. I don’t know where you could go! And yes, the photo of the purple thing is the stash of what I bought.

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