So, like – this happened again! JTV had me down to Knoxville again, this time for two shows on Jewel School. And yes, that says October. I’m a little slow, so sue me ;)


Their lobby sign is still fascinating to me:


Christiane had me into her newly-reorganized workspace and I was overcome with plier envy:


Being on set and seeing my pieces in that space with all those nifty cameras and electronics around, is perpetually cool.


I really liked watching it live on the monitors when I wasn’t directly on camera!


Aside from the cool factor and the pretty good sales of the book, the trip was a bust overall – I got super sick and CVS made me sign away my life to get drugs which didn’t even work, so I was miserable on the second day of the show and on the way home, I didn’t get to spend any time doing anything fun because I was so sick, and due to my own boneheadedness I had booked the wrong week so it cost me far too much money to get there – even with the partial sponsorship from Parawire, which was extremely appreciated – and ended up with a 12-hour layover on the way home. I think I’m not really meant to travel  so much. I get sick every time!

Otherwise – very cool that they wanted me back :) Glad I did it! Maybe I won’t again though lol ;)

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