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It’s been a strange few months! Lots of good times, but nothing huge. I feel like marking some of the events, so here’s a photoblog! We had my brother’s birthday:

We had my brother’s birthday:


I started drinking coffee mixed with this delicious thing (simply because I was tired of being tired every day):


I did some juicing with my mom, and froze big cubes for smoothies:


I had a lovely Christmas Eve supper with my husband:


And my friends came over and decorated my tree for me – the kittehs and I enjoyed it lots!


And then my husband got me Christmas in the Eighties in my stocking, which was pretty damn fun:


On Boxing Day I felt the need to get some outside in:


So, I went for a drive – where I passed the New Waterford Girl houses (they’re in Glace Bay):


And, despite the chilling wind, enjoyed my beloved ocean:

ocean-1 ocean-2 ocean-3

Oh – and somewhere along the way, my Youtube channel reached 1 million views! The plan for 2017 is to increase subscribers and improve my YouTube offerings – starting with recording audio for my existing tutorials and re-uploading them. That’s an in-progress plan.


I’m also working on using the Bullet Journal system to get my shit together. It morphs itself into basically anything, and the community online is huge – so hopefully this will help me take my kickass work ethic and apply it to my own business, and my home life too. I’ll probably make a post about that at some point in the future.

But for now – that’s what I’ve been doing! What has YOUR life looked like in the last little while?


  1. Rosalee Balbo

    Gayle, you always inspire me to get into my “art cave” & get creating !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to get me creating in 2017 things I have in my mind that need to come to life
    Rosalee Balbo (RB)

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