Metal & Flowers

I’ve been spending a LOT of time sort of… avoiding the studio. It’s messy in here, my fibro has been acting up so that all I do is SLEEP, and honestly the winter was DEPRESSINGly long and gray.

But that didn’t stop me from buying ALL of the colourful supplies I could find! Especially when I received a royalty payment that was enough to push me up into the official best-seller list! Over 10,000 copies. I’m not a millionaire yet – royalties are surprisingly UNlucrative – but I still managed to get some gorgeous new colors:

2016-03-19 09.03.25

However, it’s only recently that I really DID anything. But once I got started – it was color-city!

2016-04-17 11.08.11

The beautiful mess of painting raw brass metal flowers with an experimental mixture of ranger patinas, lumiere paints, pearl-ex powders, and who knows what else!

I managed to get a couple of dozen flowers put together; I wanted to have finished jewelry of them to show you by today but that didn’t happen. I spent 8 hours doing inventory instead. Yay?

Anyway, here’s some pretty colored flowers to herald the (eventual) coming of spring! Hopefully I can show you some steamflowersiserpunker pendants soon :)

2016-04-17 12.12.48

2016-04-17 12.13.56

2016-04-17 12.13.35


  1. Maurine Grisso

    I know how you feel I have been staying away from my studio also. It’s messy and I need to bite the bullet and just go in there and put things away. I hit a slump and I need to just go to work. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. You new flowers are beautiful. I hope they will spark your imagination. Good luck and hang in there. I remind myself that down time comes just before a new start.

  2. Rosalee Balbo

    OMG those are most beautiful & now that we are back home, time to get back into my art room & create!! Thank you for new inspiration–you always inspire me to create & come up with new ideas. Don’t have a web site yet, have to get into seeing about creating my own web site……..technologically challenged.
    Gayle I just love your stuff & you always come up with new, neat ideas. Thank you, RB

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