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artisan jewelry times

A really lovely thing happened to me recently – I was approached to do a tutorial AND be the featured artist in a relatively new magazine called Artisan Jewelry Times. I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now and it’s a lovely little mag.

I’m not convinced I’ve put my best foot forward – I wish I’d had better flower colours left when I shot that pendant – but I am REALLY happy with the featured artist column! Here’s a closeup of the first page.

Gayle Bird bio

So pretty! There are tons of images inside as well. And they even somehow made my little pendant look pretty good on the cover, too.

I suggest you check it out! I’m in the July issue but their back issues look super, too. Here’s that link again: Artisan Jewelry Times



  1. Sherr

    Wow! Look at that cover! Your designs are just incredible.
    I love your book (2nd one, maybe, soon…hint,hint!)….

    Thanks for letting us all know about Artisan Jewelry ezine!

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