Taking a Breather

There have been so many amazing opportunities coming up because of the book that I’ve been flat-out, working my day-job and completing extra projects, promoting the book, and generally going mad with joyful busy-ness, for months. So at the last minute, I took this past week off the day-job and planned to spend it in the sun.

Unfortunately, the sun didn’t show up for our date, but it was a good idea nonetheless. A bunch of deadlines somehow converged on me for this coming week and I never would have made it while also working 40 hours at the college. But I didn’t spend the whole week working! I finally got outside and made some leaf-based molds (there haven’t been leaves for six months… c’mon sun, get back here!).

2015-06-02 12.16.25

I managed to get in quite a bit of kitteh-snuggling (not that I had much choice):

2015-06-03 08.40.05

My fabulous father made a desk for me recently, and my just as fabulous husband hooked me up with a new computer and dual monitors so I now have a comfortable space for the ever-increasing computer usage for my jewellery business. It’s amazing to get work done and NOT be uncomfortable and in pain the whole time. Amazing.

2015-05-31 13.06.35

I finished up a bunch of patina experiments for a webinar I’m hosting next week:

2015-05-30 20.18.20

EP13019_1 (1)


(Feel free to sign up for that webinar, by the way. You get access to it later even if you can’t attend live.)

I was able to get to the beach for a bit – it wasn’t sunny and we’re still experiencing a nor’east wind for some reason so it was pretty cold. But beautiful! And I walked SO FAR!

Having the house to myself was also pretty peaceful. I got to make and eat some delicious food, including this taco salad:
2015-06-02 13.27.01

2015-06-02 13.42.56

And these ridiculously good cookies (from scratch!!):

2015-06-06 16.19.49


I played with new translucent clay and a new tutorial by Ginger Davis Allman that I’m going to do a whole review of soon, but here’s a preview:

2015-06-03 13.46.27


I studied up on some D&D nerd stuff and started playing with making a different character sheet (as a newbie, the regular one is difficult sometimes):

2015-06-03 19.44.19


Did I mention the kitteh snuggling?

2015-06-03 21.59.15

2015-06-04 08.49.16

I think they like me.

I did a bit of design work for this amazing, local youth project called iCreate Cape Breton:

2015-06-02 17.04.22

I broke down the gallery from the book launch and got to see all the lovely things people wrote about my show:

2015-05-30 12.57.00

I got to visit my brother in his new apartment, spend time alone to clear out my head, do a bit of housecleaning with the windows open smelling like heaven, spend some time with my favorite people, and mostly, do a lot of all the things I WANTED to do instead of only things I HAD to do.

Still have blog posts to write and deadlines to meet, but my soul feels recharged and my thoughts are at peace instead of roiling.

It was a good week. Now… back into the breach!


  1. Shauna

    Transparent clay–perrrrrty. Yay beach walk! And leaves! Anything planty makes me happy. I’m excited to see what you’ll do with it! Softy kitteh cuddling I’m sure was magic too :)

  2. Kat

    Enjoyed reading your post. Pictures were great too! I’m a cat person also. It’s amazing what a little soul recharging will do. I’m sure you earned it and then some!

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