Free Pattern Friday! has blogged my Wire-Wrap Beach Glass tutorial as one of their favourite free patterns! Read all about it here.


  1. Gayle, I have enjoyed looking all the wraps you have done. I am totally amazed at how you do it all so beautifully. I have just discovered the joy of wrapping jewelry and am in awe of you and your talent. Although I truly appreciate Free Pattern Friday, I am having a computer problem that won’t let me get into the directions of the pieces. There’s a box with five beautiful pieces that I was trying to pull up so I could print the directions. I cannot make the computer do what I want it t do and I want those directions so badly. I know I’m asking a lot but, would you please send me the directions for those five pieces in the snail mail? I know it’s an inconvience to you and a bother and I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t tried for two days to download and print the directions. I would truly, truly appreciate it?

    Sincerely grateful,
    Deborah Wade
    14360 Georgia Hwy. 116
    Pine Mountain Valley, GA 31823

  2. Gayle

    Hi Deborah,

    The Free Pattern Friday is a link to a totally different site; not mine. It’s at If you want to try from there and maybe their tech support can help you? But I’m afraid I can’t print and mail free online tutorials. So sorry!


  3. Garnetta Stowe

    I bought a pair of earrings at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Designs in Sydney, NS a couple of years ago and liked them so much . On the way back from holidays this year, I went back but the store
    was closed. Do you mail any items or is it strictly in craft stores. I would like a couple of more


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