Tribal/Steampunk Filigree Pendants

One night while browsing Etsy I discovered that you can get filigree blanks that are much larger than what I normally work with. I simply HAD to have them. I got a nice shipment of various shapes and then went to town with my Gilder’s Paste. This is a waxy kind of goo that you dab on to metals and burnish off, and it helps drab pieces turn into dynamic, colored WOW:

WHEE!! Original on left.

It's so fun! Original on the right, patinaed on the left.

I had SO much fun with these. As you know, colour is what floats my boat so figuring out what works was super delightful.

I'm having THE BEST TIME colorizing these giant filigrees with gilder's paste.

So when I was done I had these amazing pieces of metal:AHHH THEY'RE SO PRETTY I can barely stand it :D :D :D

And then… I was stuck. I wanted them to be part of my steampunk-y assemblage pieces but when I started pairing them up with my regular bits, nothing was working!! I tried keys and gears and hammered wire and rusty things and patina’ed metal and so many other things I can’t even remember them all. NOTHING was working. They sat on my bench for two weeks!

Seriously, it was awful. Look at this mess:


Somehow, one day I found the answer, and it was this: Bling!


Suddenly it all started coming together…


and that meant it was time to add wire! And much like everything I do… they instantly became my new favourite :D



I'm having trouble picking but I think this one is my favourite!


Are these not totally fabulous??



I’m also really pleased to have found a new type of chain for my non-silver pendants:


My bellydancer friends tell me these will work well in the Tribal Fusion community. Now I’m looking for a way to get them to see!


  1. Gayle

    You’re sweet!

    Was just thinking of you… belting out some kd lang in my living room, wishing I had some good recording equipment like you do to see if I sound as good outside my head as I do inside it ;)

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