A Spoonful of Ocean

You ever get new materials and then have to wait until you have time to play? Spoonful of Ocean And then MORE new materials come in, and you still can’t get to them… and it builds up until you end up combining them all at once into some crazy conglomerate project? Spoonful of Ocean Well, that’s how these pendants came into being! Spoonful of Ocean Teaspoons, copper wire and beautifully dyed ocean sediment jasper were piling up in my studio while I got married. Spoonful of Ocean Well, the honeymoon is over and here they all are on one new pendant line! Spoonful of Ocean I love the contrast of the brightly coloured stone against the patinaed age of the silver. Spoonful of Ocean And then I had fun taking them outside to take photos. Spoonful of Ocean So happy right now!


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