I think I know where my love of colour comes from…

My blanky!

My mom was cleaning out their basement – which used to be my grandparents’ basement – and found a trunk (possibly more than one?) of things from when we were babies. There are a few entirely adorable bits of clothing that almost (but not quite) make me want to have kids just so I can have someone to give them to.

But meanwhile, at the bottom of this fun little pile was this incredibly colourful and delightful crib blanket that my paternal grandmother had made for me. I am so very enchanted with this blanket. I can’t quite take my eyes off it!


Meanwhile – do the colours look familiar?! Check out my website & logo… or my custom purses:


(Both from splatgirl)

Or my choice in jewellery components:

(From sleepingdogstudio)


(From amy houston)

Now check out that blanky again:



I just thought that was so nifty.

I’m looking for a suitable place for it in my home but I’m not sure yet!

Also, it gave me the emotional comfort I needed to allow me to toss out this chair that’s been getting really, really gross in my basement. My grandparents covered this chair and somewhere there’s an adorable photo of me reading in it, when I was teeny tiny. I really wanted to keep it and fix it up.

But now it’s just sad and smelly.

Poor sad chair!

Before I lose the chair forever I just HAD to get a photo of the vintage fabric covering it. How delicious is that?!

Chair fabric!

Chair Fabric

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