Steampunkerflowersisies In the midst of unbelievable chaos, I managed to complete a last-minute batch of steampunk flower pendants before the CBCCD show in 4 days! Steampunkerflowersisies I especially love the one with the red/orange leather, below: Steampunkerflowersisies I had to make some more because I nearly sold out at my last show! These things go very fast. Steampunkerflowersisies I was tucked in behind the table at the C200 show and it was fun watching jaws drop from my nearly-hidden vantage point. Steampunkerflowersisies I started playing with sheet metal – copper and aluminum – shaped, hammered and hole-punched as a basis for the flowers. It’s working pretty great! You can see it on the left, above, and in the middle, below. Steampunkerflowersisies In other news, about a month ago I was building flat, round, upholstered display discs (see turquoise, above!) and in so doing, I think I over-used the duct tape and strained a tendon in my right index finger. It could also have been the heavy wire-work I was doing for ornaments and neckwires. In any case, working was painful and it seemed the best thing was to rest the finger. So aside from my day job, I’ve been avoiding using that hand for four or five weeks now. Getting back to the bench and being able to create again was a relief! It’s still a little stiff but I couldn’t help myself. I hope to get a few brooches done before the show, but it is hard to say if I will have the time. The fancy martini fundraiser party is this Thursday, and you can contact CBCCD for tickets. After that, we are open Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday for only $2.00 admission. Hope to see you there!

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