Busy as a Bee

My Arts North end-of-season inventory is back, and I’m pleased to discover that I now have twice as many rings as I thought I had, and nearly twice as many earrings. Phew! This is good, because I woke up this morning realizing this is my last full weekend of production, and before I’d gotten out of bed I had organized my whole day. Except now it’s 11am and all I’ve done so far is poach some eggs! It’s OK though because I got some much-needed sleep.

Today I need to figure out the final say on my ornament design… I ran out of beads from the very successful ornament from last year, so I had to order new ones but they’re too small for the old design. I posted a new design on my Facebook page, but private and public opinion was that it wasn’t right. So it’s back to the drawing board! I might make a smaller version of last year’s design; I haven’t decided yet.

I DID decide that I will be making a small batch of Christmas earrings, and they will be my Show Special at only $15! I’m pretty excited about that… I was playing with the new beads to come up with the new ornament and have a bunch of too-small-for-the-tree pieces that will be perfect for earrings.

It was fun this week to be someone’s mentor… a friend I showed some jewellery techniques to about a decade ago is finally worked up to her first show, and she had questions for me… and I had the answers! I felt like a rockstar for a second there.

After ornaments, my priority this weekend is to make coal pendants and beach glass pendants.

OK. I have got to get to the studio. Have a great one folks!

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