New Product #1: Tiny Hair Toys

I teased you with 3 new products last week and only just now have managed to get photos taken. And actually I only got photos of 2 of the 3 so you’ll still have to wait for the third one. That’s not me teasing you on purpose, that’s just me being stupidly busy.

I was making these up as I went along.

First, teeny little hair clips:



(Yep that’s me. Thankfully my ears were clean!)

Here’s how they operate (please ignore the skin falling off my fingers, it does that). Open:
Hair Clips in Operation

Hair Clips in Operation

And closed:
Hair Clips in Operation

They clip pretty tight and there’s a little plastic/rubber strip in there that keeps them from getting stuck in your hair or damaging it. I love these little guys!

You know what, that’s enough for one post. I’ve got some work to do so I’ll post the others tomorrow.


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