More Beach Glass

I’ve been pretty sick, you guys – had some vertigo that kept me from doing pretty much anything, and my (brand new) fiance ruptured his calf muscle the same week. We were in a pretty good mess for a while there.

BUT we’re both doing better now, and while I still haven’t been back into the studio, I did find some photos on my camera of the last pieces I completed before the madness hit.


I am simply in love with even the common beach glass once it’s been oiled. Here are some photos of the last batch I did up for the gallery season opening a month ago.



That red is pretty spectacular, isn’t it? And check out the turquoise! Such gorgeous colour.

Oh hey, my workbench! Well, part of it. This is the NOT messy part, believe it or not… that’s basically every piece of beach glass I own, out to be oiled in a fanatical spree I had one weekend:


I’ve been in the garden instead of the studio… well, what’s meant to become a garden, that is. I’m planning to get back in the studio next week though, so hopefully my postings will be back up in volume. I was really enjoying the ease of having my photo studio directly next to my workbench next to my computer, because posting photos of new work is just so simple now. It was frustrating not to be able to do much of anything. But I’m back, baby!

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