Speaking of Beach Glass…

I came across the idea of combining various colours of beach glass online the other day, and became somewhat obsessed with it. Not sure why I didn’t think of it before, because combining colours is my favourite thing to do… Possibly because wrapping one bit of glass takes long enough; in any case, here are five new necklaces I created using colour combos. I had to basically invent a new way of connecting them, which was also fun.

Each of these contains at least one uncommon-to-rare-to-find colour, and most have several, which is making pricing difficult. I’m trying to keep them affordable and also in proportion to the singles I do… oh, who am I kidding, pricing is always difficult.

Anyway. Here are the pictures!

Beach Glass Necklaces

Beach Glass Necklaces

Beach Glass Necklaces

Seaglass Necklaces

Seaglass Necklaces

Only that last one got the olive oil treatment before assembly, sadly.

What do you think?


  1. Rebecca

    The first and last are my favourites, and all of your beach glass items are lovely!
    I found your site through the jewelery community on livejournal and just want to encourage you to start up online selling because I’d love to be able to have some of your pieces but even though I’ve got family in NS, Ottawa is a bit far to go.


  2. Gayle

    I do in fact plan to start selling online this winter, Rebecca! Keep checking back (or subscribe to the RSS feed) to be notified when and where my Etsy shop will be full – probably late November.

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