Christmas Loft 2008

What an AMAZING evening! I hope it can be called a categorical success so they can do it every year! I hope all locals will take a trip down today or tomorrow. The $2 cover charge gets you in and also gets you a ticket for the door prize, which is a donation from *every* table. We’re talking jewellery, paintings, painted silk scarves, pottery, photography, purses, wood carvings, and a whole pile more.

Here’s my booth! This took about six hours to put together, on top of the time spent preparing. Thank heavens for my people, is all I have to say! Take note of the fabulous track lighting and the excellent track-based gallery system from which my sign is hung. You can’t see here but people were hanging ladders for silk scarves, photographs, bamboo mats for ornaments, as well as signs like mine (but really, nobody has a sign like mine!)

My beach glass display:

The army of teeny busts I made:

The RED beachglass pendant!!!

[this sign sucks because I made it in a hurry, unlike Angie’s gorgeous ones]

My aqua beach glass, including one of the fabulous signs Angie made for me:

All of my cobalt blue beach glass pieces, on a fantastic beachcombed log:

Angie and I, looking cleave-tastic, she more tastic than I:

Really fun box Angie and Laird put together. It didn’t come out quite the way we’d planned but I think it’s still working:

A not-the-best view of the gemstone table:

More photos to be taken today and tomorrow! It was hard to get good photos without a flash and no tripod.

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