Fall Beachcombing

I think the fall is one of the best times to go searching for beach glass and other bits, because A) there’s fewer people around and B) the storms really churn up what’s out there and drag it up onto shore! I’ve made some of my best finds in the fall.

It being a long weekend, I found myself on an area of the island I’m not normally near, so I took advantage of the gorgeous weather, borrowed a bucket, and set out to fill it.

I asked a native where to go, and she sent me to an easily accessible little strip of beach:

Tiny strip of beach

Wasn’t much to it, but oh boy did I hit the jackpot on coal bits! I then took my little borrowed Shrek bucket to a beach I often visit, and which the recent winds have churned up. It was an utterly gorgeous day, and lots of folks were walking the boardwalk. I had my eye on the rock piles, though!

there i am! sort of.

I got the haul home and washed off the salt and dirt, and oh boy was I excited. I realized I don’t pick up as much brown as there probably is when I accidentally found a couple of pieces which I’d originally thought of as rocks. They don’t glint as nicely as the other colours!

Beachcombing haul

I was so pleased with the beautifully rounded – and therefore really old – pieces I’d found that I whipped out my tools and made pendants, even though yesterday was supposed to be a ring-making day. I am just ecstatically happy with the results.

beachcombed = beautiful!

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