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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Rack Cards

The very kind people at the CBCCD, through a funding program, have allowed me the financial ability to have rack cards printed – plus business cards and the Moo cards I talked about this week. I spent far too many hours designing these things – struggling with niggly details, staring dumbly at them until my…


Coal Pendants


The coal industry has been a big deal in Cape Breton for decades. It’s been slowly shutting down, but of course the coal is still here – and it washes up on our beaches, all soft and beautiful. I give it a semi-gloss coat of sealant (because coal, it is the dirty) and turn it…


New Moo Business Cards

You’ve probably seen my tiny finger-sized business cards from I’ve got funding for more print materials so I’m using part of it to print some business-card-sized cards from Moo. The very best part is every card can have a different image on it! I chose 30 different images. Here are a few.



In the ramp-up towards this fall’s craft market, I’ve made nearly 100 new pairs of earrings, most of them from a fabulous batch of new glass beads I received recently. In my never-ending quest to find the best way to photograph my jewellery, I tried hanging earrings from the top of a pottery vase from…



I finally found a setting that doesn’t look completely lame when taking beach glass pendant photos – a fistful of my white beachglass, a couple pieces of driftwood, some sand dollars and a shell! I think these came out really fabulous and as soon as my camera’s battery is charged up again (grr), I’ll be…


Fall Beachcombing

I think the fall is one of the best times to go searching for beach glass and other bits, because A) there’s fewer people around and B) the storms really churn up what’s out there and drag it up onto shore! I’ve made some of my best finds in the fall. It being a long…