Beachcombed, sorted

I sorted my beach glass! This is everything I have. I thought it might be neat to show the actual rarity of the colours by volume. Here is all of it:


(click for larger + notes)

And a close-up on my precious pieces:


I’m surprised at how little brown I had – I actually was given four or five of the largest of those pieces. The huge cobalt blue piece my mom has had since I was a little girl – the rest are actually quite tiny. There’s some dark olive greens that are quite nice, and some of my darker teals. Or aquas. I am never sure which is which! And finally, my precious precious bag of the rarest colours there are.

There’s only one piece in there I haven’t found myself, and that’s the orange. It’s a piece of ‘depression glass’ that my friend Angie found personally and gave it to me because I was literally drooling. OH wait and that large lavender piece and I think the big blue marble were also given to me by people who found them on local beaches. The red piece was the highlight of my beachcombing life :) The tiny pink piece, at the bottom, was also fun. And there’s a couple of yellow pieces that were also quite exciting – not to mention that black marble!

Ahh, memories. It’s lovely when I make something out of one of these and then someone buys it. Two of my three personally-found marbles are in homes, and it pleases me no end.

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