I recently received shipment of these amazing lampworked beads:

They’re gorgeous! I did this with some of them:

Laird has my photo studio so the lighting isn’t the best here. Also I’m lazy.

The large pendant in the middle on the neckwire is all mine. The rest are pendants I’ll be selling in order to pay for the beads! Lampwork: gorgeous artisan work that’s not cheap but totally worth it!

Speaking of lamps (well, sort of), I found an amazing daylight lamp for extremely cheap (less expensive than the lightbulb that’s in it!) yesterday, and it’s making working at night soooo much easier:
Daylight Lamp

And hey… is that a CLEAN workbench? Why yes, yes it is! Thank you for noticing!

Also new are the rings that have been selling like CRAZY at the two gallery shops my work is honoured to be a part of:
Varied Rings

No two alike, just like fingerprints! Or renaissance masterpieces! I’ve made nearly 150 of these in the past couple of months, and I expect to be making more. And no, I can’t make a custom one – custom work takes at least three times as long as working on my own, and I have a full-time job so I just can’t keep up to commissions. But there are many options available! I’ll post available sizes and colours when I get a chance.

That’s the update for the summer! Busy busy bee over here!

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