I made more money from my jewellery in galleries in August than I took home from my day job. And I get paid pretty damn good at my job. I was told that September is about 3/4 of the volume of August – and then comes Celtic Colours, which is an internationally renowned, island-wide fiddle/folk music concert in October.

Since somewhere around Wednesday, I’ve made 71 pairs of earrings, 17 earring/pendant sets, one necklace/earring set and 18 single pendants, while still managing to feel idiotically lazy in front of the TV, watching House and Friends and MASH while making the earrings. I just spent two hours or so with my TV table out on the front verandah drinking in the beautiful fall air (I know, it’s technically summer, but this is Cape Breton) and building some of those sets and pendants.

I was going to say I don’t have pictures of all of this, but screw it, they’re here, the camera’s here, so I snapped a couple.

What I just did outside:

What a jumble of 70 pairs of earrings looks like (don’t worry, they’re all on cards, tangling should be minimal):

A messy, messy photo of some of the sets (there’s pendants underneath the gray cloth, I got lazy though):

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