Birthday present pour moi

My birthday was the first of this month and I decided I needed something fabulous to wear. Aquamarine is (one of) my birthstone(s) and I bought this strand of chips at my reiki healer’s with the intention of making something for myself; my throat chakra is all messed up and aquamarine is supposed to help. I was wearing it at work when I just picked up the phone to call a stranger and didn’t realize until I was partway through the call what I’d done; usually I panic and have to take several deep breaths before being calm enough to do that. But hey, if nothing else, it’s pretty! It’s a four-strand braid. I had no idea how I was going to do this, I seriously made it up as I went along. The chunks in the pendant I already had; this is the second try at a pendant, the first one suuuuucked.

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